Synergie LipsynC


Lipstick with cosmeceutical benefits and natural UV protection.

Cosmeceutical lipstick with zinc oxide, vitamin C and stevia.

Synergie Minerals LipsynC lipstick produces distinct cosmeceutical benefits to the lips as well as natural UV protection. Natural lip hydrators and stabilised vitamin C provides collagen support and antioxidant benefits, whilst a sweet hint of natural stevia leaf and mandarin makes this formula so delicious you want to eat it!

Shades available (from left to right):

Opulent-C, Ecsta-C, Fanta-C, Delica-C, Secre-C, Intima-C



Delica-C, Ecsta-C, Fanta-C, Intima-C, Opulent-C, Radianc-C, Secre-c, Spice-C


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