About us

Hello and welcome to Actuelle Beauty Therapy

Actuelle Beauty Clinic in Highland Park is one of the most renowned Beauty Therapy Clinics in the country. We have won many prestige industry and business awards in the last 25+ years since opening. We are constantly looking to offer the latest products, technologies and advancements from the industry.

Our Team of highly skilled, internationally trained and experienced beauty therapists are professional, knowledgeable and friendly in everything they do.
With plenty of parking, late nights and exceptional service at great prices
– you know you are in good hands at Actuelle Beauty Therapy.

Meet the team

We have a team of highly trained and experienced therapists ready to help you relax and enjoy your Actuelle experience.

Carman new photo

Carman Hanson

Carman, a Senior Skin Specialist with over 10+ years’ experience here and internationally. Her passions are working on teenage skin, prone to acne and helping the younger generation learn about good skin health. She also enjoys working with clients to reverse the signs of damage and aged skins. "I love working with Clean Science based cosmeceutical skincare that works on a cellular level creating change in the skin."

Gina new photo

Gina Nagy

Gina our Salon Co-Ordinator, Beautician and Makeup Artist. She loves creating a positive and lasting impact on her clients, helping them to feel confident in their own skin.  Very artsy and creative, Gina also looks after our Social Media.
"Working in the beauty industry is highly empowering to me. Every day I get to do something I love."

Susan new photo

Susan Penney

Susan graduated over 30 years ago as "an Old School Beauty Therapist". Her passion for the industry has kept her enthused to upskill and deliver her clients the latest information and technologies. Able to offer all services, she specialises in Massage and Electrolysis.

"Healthy skin at any age is achievable through quality advice on products and treatments."

Raquel new photo

Raquel Goodwin

Raquel (currently on Maternity Leave) is a Senior Skin Specialist with 10+ years' experience. She loves to help her clients achieve their goals, be it fresh glowing skin, sculpted eyebrows or just a moment of peace in our busy lives.
She is as passionate about skin as the simple grooming tasks.

"I love the fact that I can be the good part of someone's day"


Kamilla Andersson

With a huge passion for skincare, Salon Owner Kamilla has spent 30 years as a qualified skin therapist, changing the lives of many. As well as over seeing Actuelle, she is the National Educator for both Guinot and Synergie Skin brands. A keen runner, she's also busy with her and Rob's two Cocker Spaniels - Daisy & Milly.

"Eyes, necks and hands - they tell it all."


Rob Paul

Rob has joined the Team as a Salon Owner. With over 30 years' experience in sales, marketing and management, he brings innovative ideas to a traditionally female sector. If you're ordering online, chances are Robs sorting your parcel. A sports enthusiast, Rob enjoys golf, surfing and a good drop of wine.

"I cannot believe the changes that I've seen in my skin since I started using quality skincare."